Scheduling Introduction Letter
9th-11th Grade 
Dear Students and Families,

As we begin our second semester, it is time to focus on scheduling for the 2016-2017 school year.  Our 2016-2017 Interactive Program of Studies is available for families and students through our website.  Please use this document to assist you in creating or updating your comprehensive educational high school plan.  Within the Program of Studies, you will find essential information detailing curricular offerings, course selection and scheduling.  We encourage you to use this as a guide throughout the scheduling process.

Our high school teachers are sharing course recommendations for next year with all students, now through January 30.  After requests are submitted, our school counselors will be meeting with students to review course requests and address questions.  A list of significant dates and events are listed below for your information.  These events help to support our students through this process and guide their scheduling decisions as well.

The high school staff is looking forward to working with students and families throughout this process in order to create a schedule that meets the individual learning needs and interests of your child, while providing an appropriately challenging high school experience. 


Nancy Bowman    
      Laura Burns                 Michael Silbaugh
Principal                     Assistant Principal        Assistant Principal


                                    Scheduling Timeline                                                 


 January 21-30

Based on current academic performance and course prerequisites, teachers provide appropriate course recommendations for placement for the 2016-2017 school year.  Students are expected to share this information with their families.

January 26

Class meeting is scheduled for students in grade 11 and students in grade 10

January 27

Class meeting is scheduled for students in grade 9.

February 2

Class meeting is scheduled for students in grade 8.

February 1-8

Counselors will review and lock recommendations for students.

February 11

Students receive Core Academic Course Requests and informational letter to begin the electives selection process.

February 17

Completed and signed scheduling request document due to homeroom teachers.

February 22-
March 11

Counselors meet with students to finalize schedule requests.


March 15


Students receive verification forms. Students and parents are asked to verify only that the courses showing match their original course request form. 

March 18

Signed verification form is due.


                            Interactive Program of Studies             

Program of Studies