Pine-Richland School District

Secondary Club Activities Fee Program

Grades 7-12

Due by Sept. 30, 2013

Activity Fee All middle school and high school students participating in activities, athletics & clubs that take place after-school not during the school day will have to pay fee.  Click here for a list of the programs impacted.

The activity fee applies to every student and each student is encouraged to pay the fee up front so they are not limited when choosing activities.  Students may elect to opt out of the activity fee, which would make them ineligible to participate; however this decision should be made carefully as we anticipate most students currently participate in one or more activity.

One of the reasons we chose a one-time flat fee over a fee per activity was to encourage students to participate in multiple activities throughout the year without incurring additional cost for each activity.  Due to this reasoning, the one-time fee is due at the beginning of the year and isn't going to be tied to the start of individual activities.

The fee is nonrefundable and the fee will not be prorated for new students or students who only participate for a portion of the year.
The Pine-Richland School Board approved an $80 activity fee at its planning/regular board meeting on July 18, 2011 for each student in grades seven through 12. Payment of the fee will allow each student to participate in an unlimited number of sports and student activities.  Students who qualify for free and reduced meals are exempt.

You can pay online or via credit card or electronic check. If you have a meal account through the MyPaymentsPlus System, you are set up, skip set-up instructions and go to online payment instructions. We highly encourage you to pay online versus sending a check into the district. Your payment will be processed quickly. There will be a delay in processing by check. The deadline to pay the fee will be September 30. Those failing to pay by the deadline will be deemed ineligible to participate.
The fee will offset costs of supplemental payments to administer activities, athletic programs and clubs that take place after school hours.You can review the list of activities, athletic & club programs, requiring a participation fee,
Last Modified on March 5, 2014