Pine-Richland School District

World Languages Committee


Mary Bucci, Pine-Richland School District's superintendent and PRHS world languages teacher, Cecelia Kelly.

Committee Members

The committee is made up of educators, business professionals, physicians and parents. 

"We have gathered an impressive group of community members with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise," said Dr. Bucci and Ms. Kelly. "Some have world language proficiency. Some are simply advocates for these experiences for our children."

The members are: 

Alexandra Batouyios
Wendy Compernolle
Gisella Del Frate
Donna Gillespie*
Susan Gavlik
Tracy Harris
Dawn Herbst
Madeleine Hombosky
Kate Hrach
Joseph A. Hudock
Terri Jones
Lillian Kampas
Constance M. Karrs
Kathia Kennedy
Lisa Knapp
Fadoua Loudiy-Smith
Geoff Mann
Eunice McCarthy
Christine Misback
Donna Nofsinger
Maria Osio
Stacie Patterson
Mary Anne Sanders
Mildred Sierra
Gisela Spallek
Donna Stephenson
Linda Huo Steranko
Kristin Szarell

*Serving as a consultant only.

Last Modified on May 11, 2010