Pine-Richland School District

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Check back here for important messages in regard to school safety, security and well-being.

School Safety

Please know that the district is working directly with our school security officer, the Northern Regional Police Department and security experts to continue to provide the most secure and safe environment possible. The district is taking the following steps, to make safety a priority. Please note many of these steps have already been in place and continue to be in place, and there are many details that are not shared with the public as not to compromise our security.

  • Strong partnership with Northern Regional Police Department

  • Increased monitoring of school grounds by Northern Regional

  • Continued monitoring of grounds by Security Officer

  • Scrutiny of all campuses to provide a safe environment for children & staff

  • Review and update of Emergency Operation Plan

  • Ongoing meetings with Northern Regional Police & Review of Grounds (See Timeline)

  • Training by Security & Safety experts

  • Drills on an ongoing basis with staff & students

  • Cooperation with visitors to make best effort to schedule an appointment when visiting school and following visitor procedures

  • Cooperation with district, staff, students parents & community to report suspicious activity or people

In addition, our building principals, school secretaries, counselors and staff have been extremely concerned about the well-being of our students and colleagues. The staff met with the building administrators to discuss how to respond to student concerns in the wake of the tragedy in Connecticut in December of 2012. 

Our school psychologists and counselors are always available for your children if they need assistance following any tragedy.

 Please know that we will continue to address school safety and update your periodically.

We are fortunate to have a community willing to help during difficult times and neighboring school districts who partner with us. To that point, we want to thank administrators at Seneca Valley School District for conferring with us on our initial correspondence and PR parents/guardians for partnering with us to provide a safe and secure environment for our children.

However, we need your help in keeping our buildings even more secure. We are asking you to make an appointment if you are visiting a school building.  We understand last minute needs might occur, but scheduling an appointment will help us with our efforts.  

The Northern Regional Police Department works cooperatively with our staff and administration to ensure a safe school environment. Students and community support is critical to this effort. 724-499-TIPS is a joint service of the police department, Consolidated Communications and the school district. Dial this number at any time to report anonymously suspicious activity that could pose a threat or danger to our school community.


CDC Public Service
Video on Coughing & Sneezing

Click here for Public Service Video
on Coughing & Sneezing Guidelines

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the U.S. and of several states have put forth posters and public service announcements trying to get people to change the way they cough and sneeze.

This five minute video was designed to encourage people to cough and sneeze according to the infection control guidelines put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It is aimed at the common citizen. Its message is serious, but it is presented with humor in such a way that it engages the viewer's attention for a full five minutes while the message is repeated in interesting new ways.

It can be enjoyed by individuals, but it is even more fun to watch in groups, resulting in community reinforcement. It has been used in hospitals and schools with great success. It actually makes people change the way they cough and sneeze.

This video was produced with the assistance of three infectious disease doctors, two hospitals, and the Maine Medical Association, to whom the author is grateful. The author, Ben Lounsbury MD, is an Ear, Nose and Throat physician.