Pine-Richland School District
Safety & Security

Visitor Procedures

The ensure the safety and security of our students and staff and the orderly operation of the Pine-Richland School District educational programs, all parents and guardians and other individuals planning to visit our schools during the school day are required to follow the district registration and checking in/check out procedures. Please take time to review the visitation procedures.

(Independent volunteers will already have a badge and will not have to turn in their photo ID or car keys)

  • If you are planning to visit a classroom or other area of the school building during the school day, you should call the building office and pre-register for an appointment prior to the date of the visit. Absent an emergency, requests to meet with a classroom teacher or other staff member should be made at lest 48 hours in advance to allow the school sufficient time to make arrangements for substitute coverage, as necessary.
  • Upon arrival at the school building, all visitors must register in the building office before proceeding to any other part of the building.
  • As part of the registration process in the front office, all visitorswill be asked to sign the visitor register and provide their driver’slicense or other state-issued photo-identification, which will be heldby the building office for the duration of the visit. Car keys may beaccepted in lieu of a driver’s license or photo ID at the discretion ofthe building office.
  • Onceregistered, the visitor will be issued a Visitor Identification Badge,which must be displayed at all times while the visitor remains in theschool building or on school premises.
  • Visitors must remain in approved areas only and at all times act in amanner appropriate to the safe functioning of the school environment.Any individual who engages in uncooperative or disruptive behavior willbe required to leave the premises.
  • Upon conclusion of the visit, the visitor must return to the buildingoffice, sign out on the Visitor Register and return the visitor badge.Once the visitor has checked out, the building office will return thevisitor’s driver’s license, ID or keys, as applicable.

Pleasenote that parents and guardians who are dropping off items for astudent in the front office, and who will not otherwise be proceedinginto the school building proper, may do so without advanceregistration.

These procedures are implemented pursuant to Board Policy 907, which is available for review on the district’s website by clicking here, and apply to all Pine-Richland School District buildings.

Thedistrict reserves the right to deny an individual entry to any schoolbuilding, when there is reason to believe that such individual’spresence would be detrimental to the operation of the school and thelearning environment.

Last Modified on January 24, 2013