Pine-Richland School District
Safety & Security

A Safe School Environment

    • Northern Regional Police Department

The Northern Regional Police Department works cooperatively with our staff and administration to ensure a safe school environment. Students and community support is critical to this effort. 724-499-TIPS is a joint service of the police department, North Pittsburgh Telephone Company and the school district. Dial this number at any time to anonymously report suspicious activity that could pose a threat or danger to our school community.

    • Use of Video Surveillance Cameras
A safe school environment is a top priority. The Board of School Directors approves the use of electronic surveillance systems to monitor activity in school buildings, on school property and in school vehicles as one measure of protection.

The use of video recordings from surveillance equipment is subject to Board Policy 816 and other district policies, including policies concerning the confidentiality of student and staff records.

If it is determined through an investigation that a student has committed an unlawful or unsafe act in violation of school rules, appropriate disciplinary consequences will be administered.

Any type of activity detected through the use of video surveillance cameras that might constitute a violation of the law will be reported immediately to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

    • Emergency Operations Plan

In case of emergency that should occur on school grounds, Pine-Richland School District has developed Emergency Operations Plan to keep your child(ren) safe.