PR School Board: (Back Row: L-R) Vice President  Greg DiTullio, Directors Holly Johnston, Laura Ohlund, Treasurer Dennis Sundo & Director Marc Casciani. (Front Row: L-R) Director Virginia Goebel, President Jeffrey Banyas & Directors Peter Lyons & Therese Dawson.


Meet the PR School Board

Our board has at least 13  degrees and a wealth of financial experience. Two of our board members are registered CPAs and all are very involved with activities and programs their children are involved in at PRSD.

Backgrounds include expertise in the areas of finances, computers, nursing, social work, healthcare, sales & marketing.

You can click on the individual board member pages to the left of the screen to find out more about our directors including email addresses.  If you would like to address the board, please send correspondences to PR School Board Secretary at or 724-625-7773, ext. 6100.