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No More Fundraisers? See How This Can Be a Reality

Dear Eden Hall Families,
Many of you have requested that we don’t do anymore fundraisers, and you would like to just make one monetary donation for the year.
After taking into account what we have done so far, we would need $20 per student to make our budget for the year. We know
that not everyone will be able to send this amount and are hoping that another Giant Eagle fundraiser and Yearbook sale can make up this difference. Without a large response we would need to continue with our current plan of Candy Sales, Restaurant nights, and misc. other fundraisers.
With your support from last year, we have been able to provide our staff with new material from scholastic, new playground toys, benches to store toys and “living room” use, 2 Trout in the classroom set ups, new telleriums for 5th grade science, and document cameras for every teacher.
We are very fortunate to have such an overwhelming amount of support from everyone involved in the PTO. Our staff and administrators go above and beyond for our students to have the best school experience. We’d also like to take time to acknowledge Margie Becker who is our school liaison. She has been amazing with everything we throw at her! Also, Deb Gaul and the entire custodial staff at Eden Hall. They do so many behind the scenes things to make what we do possible. They truly are wonderful people and their support is not unnoticed. If you see them in the building be sure to say thanks!
Please send donations to Eden Hall PTO in an envelope marked PTO treasurer. We will provide a progress update at the January PTO meeting followed by the final results at the March 2017 PTO meeting. 
Looking Forward,
Eden Hall PTO Board