Class Rank (Policy 214)

  • Top 3 students at graduation
    The Pine-Richland School Board acknowledges the usefulness of a system of computing grade point averages and class rank for secondary school students to inform students, parents/guardians and others of their relative academic placement among their peers under relatively similar circumstances.

    The board authorizes a system of class rank, by grade point average, for students in grades 9 through 12. All students shall be ranked together.

      • Class rank shall be computed by the final grade in all Pine-Richland subjects for which credit is awarded.
      • Any two or more students whose computed grade point averages are identical shall be given the same rank. The rank of the student who immediately follows a tied position will be determined by the number of students preceding and not by the rank of the proceeding person.
      • A student's grade point average and rank in class shall be entered on the student's record and shall be subject to board policy on release of student records.


    Official and complete copy of a student’s academic work at Pine-Richland School District, which include credits attempted, credits earned, courses completed, final grades, and yearly/cumulative grade point average.

    A Pine-Richland transcript is generated after a student has completed one full semester at Pine-Richland High School. Courses taken outside of Pine-Richland High School will not be calculated into a student’s Grade Point Average (GPA).

    Class rank shall be calculated and kept on file, but shall not be entered or reported on the student’s official transcript. The district will provide a transcript that includes the student’s class rank only upon receipt of a written request for such a transcript from an eligible student (eighteen years of age or over) or from the student’s parent or legal guardian.


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