Car Rider Procedures

  • Arrival MapMorning car arrival will take place from 8:15 am – 8:30 am. Please have students exit the car on the passenger side when you reach the unloading zone S Doors. Eden Hall staff will be outside assisting students. 

    Arrival Process

    Students arriving to school by car in the morning can begin arriving at 8:15 am. All cars arriving on campus in the morning will follow the traffic pattern of snaking through the parking lot and ending at the car rider door where staff will be available to assist students exiting the car. Students should exit the vehicle on the passenger side of the car and enter the building. Staff will be able to assist all students get from the car rider drop off location to classrooms. Cars will not be permitted to park and walk students through the parking lot to the doors. Please help us keep traffic moving by having students ready to exit the car. All students should be entering the building no later than 8:30 am. This allows enough time for students to enter classrooms before morning announcements at 8:35 am. Bus arrival begins at 8:20 am and all students will enter classrooms by 8:35 am.

    Dismissal Process

    Due to the number of students being picked up by parents at the end of the day we call students down earlier for the first few days of school. Parents/guardians picking up students at the end of the day are asked to park and proceed to school doors designated by letters of the last name. A staff member will be posted by each of the two doors and will take your child’s name. Students will be called to the door where parents are standing and will return to cars to exit campus. We ask for your assistance by exiting campus in a timely manner to allow other cars to arrive and park. Bus dismissal will begin for students at 3:20 pm. Parents are asked to communicate with children each day about being designated as a car rider or taking the bus home.  

    We appreciate your consideration of these procedures and look forward to optimizing both our transportation routing and the process of drop-off and pick-up.