• The Early Days Early School
    The Pine-Richland School District has a grand and honored history. Single room schoolhouses gave way to a district with six appealing school buildings. The district's first graduating class was the Class of 1958. The first year appropriately produced 58 graduates from the Richland Jr./Sr. High School.

    Today's Pine-Richland High School graduates more than 360 students.
    Reminiscing is always a great time to reflect on our past and envision our future.
    It is interesting to note that the successful launch of Sputnik I by the Soviet Union in October of 1957 caused a major change in education in the United States. Math and science became a significant focus during the district's early years, and a rigorous math and science curriculum remains a strong emphasis today.
    We have progressed from the Industrial Age to the Information Age where different generations -  the baby boomers, Generation X and now the Millennials - were and are being educated in our schools.
    Although classrooms look somewhat different today than yesterday with the infusion of technology and customized learning, the intense caring for children and quality education on behalf of the school community remains constant over time.
    Likewise as the school district's name changed from the Pine Richland Joint School District, to the Babcock School District to the current Pine-Richland School District, remaining the same was the belief that student activities and valuing the whole child complement a strong academic program.