• Welcome to Sixth Grade Desert
    Eden Hall Upper Elementary School




    Dear Sixth Grader:

    Welcome to the Desert Biome! We hope you are as excited as we are for a new year! We are a three-person team in the 6th grade. You will be having each of us for class every day. Mr. Farmer teaches Science and Social Studies. Mrs. Mahsoob teaches Reading and Social Studies. Mrs. Wenzel teaches Math and Social Studies.

    We are looking forward to an exciting school year!  While you are preparing to come back to school, please add a few things to your shopping list.

    *Optional…large binder (Example: Trapper Keeper) or 1 ½ inch binder to keep your subject folders organized
    *Dry Erase Marker
    * 2 One- Subject Spiral Notebooks
    * 3 Two Pocket Folder (Plastic lasts longer, and if they are three-hole punch folders can be placed in binders.)
    * 1 Two-Pocket Folder with prongs (Plastic Lasts Longer)
    * 2 Composition Books
    * Colored Pencils
    * Number two Pencils (Regular or Mechanical)
    * 1 Jumbo Book Cover
    * Ultra Fine Sharpie
    * 2 Boxes of Tissues (Thanks in Advance)
    * Hand Sanitizing Wipes (OPTIONAL)
    * Bottle of Hand Sanitizer (OPTIONAL)

    We are looking forward to meeting you! Be sure to come excited, rested, and ready to make this year great! Enjoy the rest of your summer, and we’ll see you soon. 

    Mr. Farmer
    Mrs. Mahsoob
    Mrs. Wenzel

    P.S. You are permitted to bring a healthy peanut free snack starting on the first day of school!