Third Grade Team


  • Math begins at 11:00 with some students switching to a different classroom for math instruction. We are practicing "flexible grouping" to meet each individual child's needs so that math is customized for the whole child. If you have a question about math, please email your child's math teacher. All third grade teachers will follow the same calendar of the "Topic" taught and test given. The pacing might be different in each classroom with some lessons compacted together, however, all chapters will begin and end at the same time.

    Please encourage your child to complete the daily math homework. Math homework will allow you to see what was taught that day plus help reinforce the concept your child learned. Also, encourage your child to answer questions in a complete sentence when required. The word "explain" is a keyword to let your child know a sentence explaining how he/she solved it might be required. Also, all answers for word problems must have a label.

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