• AttendanceWe know that consistent attendance has a direct and positive impact on student learning. To reinforce those expectations, we have a few reminders for parents. 

    • Parents are only able to submit up to 10 parent excuses in 1 school year.  These absences include approved vacations and non-medically excused absences. Please contact your child’s school counselor or administrator if you have any questions about your child’s attendance. 
    • Medically excused absences are defined as absences which are approved by a medical provider. You can read more about the board policy on attendance by following this link.
    • Students who are not present for at least half of a day are counted as absent for the entire day.

    If you have any concerns with PR’s attendance policy, all inquiries K-12 should be directed to Carolyn Welshonce at cwelshonce@pinerichland.org.