Welcome to the Eden Hall's School Counseling Website

    Welcome to the Eden Hall Upper Elementary School Counseling website.   Where every day matters for our students. We are glad you took the time to visit us and see what is happening at Eden Hall. 
    Our Goals for the Eden Hall School Counseling Program are to:
    • Connect with each and every student in the building and provide support for students to be successful during the school day. 
    • Provide developmentally appropriate classroom guidance lessons for each student building wide.
    • Provide individualized student support groups focusing on topics ranging from new student lunches, grief & loss support, coping with big feelings, and friendship.

    Mrs. Miller, Ms. Krepp, and Mrs. Hawrylak are ready for a new school year!


     PR LOGO Counselors Picture


    Mrs. Jennifer Miller
    Grade 4 School Counselor
    Class of 2031 
    724-443-1450, Ext. 7334


    Brianna Edwards
    Grade 5 Substitute School Counselor 
    Class of 2030 
    724-443-1450, Ext. 7811


    Mrs. Lauren Hawrylak
    Grade 6 School Counselor    Class of 2029   lhawrylak@pinerichland.org
    724-443-1450, Ext. 7634

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      Mrs. Melissa Kortyna
    School Counseling & Records Secretary
    724-443-1450, Ext. 7007