AM Traffic Patterns  
    Morning Drop-Off Procedure
    Please note: Students are not permitted to exit a car in the parking lot during drop off and walk to car rider doors. All students must exit the car at the drop off location only.

    In partnership with the Northern Regional Police, Eden Hall Upper Elementary School has implemented the following procedures for the school’s morning student drop-off traffic pattern. To create the most efficient drop-off atmosphere in the morning we ask all drivers to follow the direction of the arrows shown on the map. Please take a moment to review the map above  prior to dropping off your child. 


    Drivers are asked to enter the campus from Bakerstown Road and make the first left into the parking lot. This lane will be two-way traffic so please stay to the right. The flow of traffic will continue to the end of the lane and curve right into the middle lane. Drivers are asked to avoid blocking the main bus exit lane to allow the flow of traffic to continue moving. A staff member will be visible to help maintain safety as cars pull up to the drop off location. 


    Following this procedure will ensure a safe drop off zone for our students and allow additional cars to enter the campus and not cause any additional delays on Bakerstown Road. This traffic pattern will be for all cars entering the campus between 8:00-8:3 a.m. during school days.  We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation in assuring the safety of the children.