• Policy #810.2: Transportation—Video/Audio Recordings

    Audio Video Recordings The use of video and audio recording equipment supports efforts to maintain discipline and to ensure the safety and security of all students, staff, contractors and others being transported on district-owned, operated, or contracted school buses or school vehicles. Under PR School Board Policy #817 (Use of Video Surveillance Cameras), the district is permitted to use video surveillance in any school building, on school district property or on any transportation vehicle being used by the district. 

    The district does monitor district buildings, property and transportation vehicles with surveillance cameras, and individuals using any such facilities should expect that such surveillance may occur. The district shall notify its students, staff and parents that video surveillance may occur in school buildings, on any school property or on any transportation vehicle. The district shall incorporate the notice into the student discipline code and in staff handbooks. The use of video surveillance equipment on transportation vehicles shall be supervised by the district transportation coordinator. The use of video surveillance equipment in schools, on school grounds and on other district property shall be supervised and controlled by the building administrator or other responsible administrator. 

    The use of video recordings from surveillance equipment shall be subject to other policies of the district, including policies concerning the confidentiality of student and staff records. If it is determined through an investigation that a student has committed an unlawful or unsafe act in violation of school rules, appropriate disciplinary consequences will be administered.  Any type of activity detected through the use of video surveillance cameras that might constitute a violation of law will be reported immediately to the appropriate law enforcement agency. 

    In addition to Policy #817 (Use of Video Surveillance Cameras), the board authorizes the use of video and audio recording on school buses and school vehicles for security and disciplinary purposes, under  PR School Board Policy #810.2. The board prohibits the use of audio recording on any school bus or school vehicle that is not being used for a school-related purpose. The board directs the superintendent or designee to ensure that each school bus and school vehicle that is equipped with video and audio recording equipment contains a clearly posted notice informing drivers and passengers of the potential for video and audio recording. The district records audio on all equipped buses. This policy is also included in the student handbook and discipline code.


    The district shall comply with the provisions of federal and state law and regulations regarding the district’s use, confidentiality and disclosure of recordings.