• Research PlanVasco De Gama


    Remember that there may be slight variations on the spelling of your explorer's name.

    In the Library:

    • Use Destiny to find a book about your explorer.
      • These books are on reserve and cannot be checked out. They can be used in the library at any time and will be available for checkout soon.
      • You may not find a biography about your explorer, but you may possibly find information about him a book about the area that he explored.
    • Read the article for your explorer in the World Book Encyclopedia.
      • The spelling of your explorer's name may be slightly different than what you have listed. See your teacher if you need help.
    • In the Reference Section, read the article for your explorer in Biography for Beginners: Explorers.

    On the Internet:

    • Use some of the online resources on our library website (especially Grolier Online, Britannica Online and Image Quest.)  Type in your explorer's name and click go.

    Warning... (and a challenge)...
    One of the websites below has unreliable information!  Can you find it? We will be learning about what makes a website reliable in library class.

    • Read a short article about your explorer on Enchanted Learning's Explorers page.
      • Click on the letter of your explorer's name.
    • Visit the All About Explorers page to find out more about your explorer.
    • Visit the Explorers A-Z website to find other reliable sites about your explorer.

    Image: Vasco Da Gama / Departure / 1497. Fine Art. Encyclopaedia Britannica Image Quest. Web. 24 Sep 2012. http://quest.eb.com/images/109_129201

Last Modified on September 18, 2014