• Famous Pennsylvanians....


    1. Visit the Pennsylvania Center for the Book  published by Penn State.  Click on the “Complete List of Biographies”, or explore the map.  Lots and lot of good stuff!
    2. Visit the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission on the state of Pennsylvania web portal.  Click on “People” to get a list.
    3. Visit the Central Bucks County School District’s “Pennsylvania People” page.  This site also cites the specific resources which were used to write the biographies.
    4. Look up your subject in Grolier. Remember to type last name, first name.
    5. Search ExplorePAhistory.com. Type your biographee’s name in the search box.  Use quotation marks to improve your results. The markers provide a lot of information.

    In the Library:
    1. Look up your biographee in the encyclopedia.
    2. Use Destiny to find a book on your biographee.

Last Modified on July 28, 2010