• Research Plan
    Poet and Author BiographiesMoleskin

    Use the following resources to research your author or poet.  Remember:

    Find something to read.

    Read the information.

    Check for understanding.

    Write down things that you want to remember.

    Grade 5 Grasslands- Spring, 2012. 
    You will need to cite your sources for this project.  If you take notes from a source, also write down where you found the information.  If you borrow another person's work (pictures, video, sound,etc.) to complete this project you will need to cite those sources as well.

    In the Library:

    • Look up your author/poet in the encyclopedia.
    • Use Destiny to find a book by your author/poet. Look in the table of contents, or on the back of the cover to see if there is any information about your author/poet.
    • Look up your author/poet in some of our reference sets:
      • Favorite Children's Authors and Illustrators
      • Biography for Beginners: All Authors
      • Biography Today- Author Series
      • Major Authors and Illustrators for Children and Young Adults
    • Use Destiny to find a biography about your author/poet.


    • Open POWER Library and use Contemporary Authors ( a database) to look up your biographee. POWER Library is available at school or through your public library's website with a library card.
    • Use a Search Engine to find your author’s official website. If your author does not have an official website ask Mrs.S. for help in finding another reliable website.
    • Use some of the Online Reference Databases on our library Resources page. Ask Mrs. S. if you need a password.
    • Use poets.org to find information about your poet.

    Image: "Moleskine" by Rishnii.  Flickr.com 2012.
Last Modified on March 18, 2012