• The Hunger Games

    Posted by Ry N. on 9/14/2017

    by Suzanne Colline

    Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery

    A girl is chosen to be in a fight to the death with 23 other teenagers.

    I recommend this for anyone who likes books with gore. It is fight to the death PEOPLE! It's a good book.

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  • Wings of Fire: Legends Deerstalker

    Posted by Owen R. on 6/29/2017

    by Tui T. Sutherland

    Genre: Fantasy

    The book is a very descriptive backstory of the land of Pyhrria. It sheds some light on the origins of Darkstalker, one of the most legendary dragons of all time. You see his childhood and how he became the feared dragon he is today.

    I recommend this book because it's very descriptive and a fun read. There's action and adventure, as well as some comedy. I just really like it and the whole series.

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  • Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell

    Posted by Celeste S. on 5/11/2017

    By Chris Colfer

    Genre: Fantasy

    Alex and Connor are two normal kids. Alex is smart, while Connor is kind of lazy. One day their grandmother gives them a fairytale book, which is very normal. Once Alex starts acting strange, Connor knows something is up. Will Connor ever find out what is wrong with Alex, and what is wrong with this fairy tale book?

    I really love this series. It is great for both genders, since a boy and girl are both main characters. Alex and Connor both get equal amounts of the story, so you never get board. I could never put this book down. It is a very interesting read, and I really recommend it.

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  • Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins?

    Posted by Elia H. on 3/30/2017

    By Liz Kessler

    Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Horror/Suspense

    Jessica Jenkins just freaked out when she learned she had a superpower. It was a normal day but, after geometry class Jessica had discovered she had the ability to turn invisible. Sure you might think it's fun but, without knowing how or why is pretty scary.

    This book is the most amazing thing I've laid eyes on. If you love fantasy, compassion, mystery, and suspense all wrapped up in one you'll love this book. Don't take it for my word , read it for yourself.

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  • The Accidental Hero

    Posted by Ava L. on 1/20/2017

    By Matt Myklush

    Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

    Jack gets to imagin nation finds out he is infected and almost gets exicuted and thats all I can say with out spoling any more of the book.

    It is a great fiction book full of adventure to me this was one of my favorite books I have ever read.

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  • The Prophecy

    Posted by Elia H. on 12/17/2016

    by Hilari Bell

    Genre: Fantasy, Horror

    Prince Perryndon is trying to slay the dragon. But to slay the dragon he needs a true bard, a unicorn, and the sword of Sahmasin. There is One problem, how is he going to find these things when the castle gaurds are right on his tail! if they bring him back before he finds these things... their enimies could take over the kingdom.

    I recomended this book because alot of people try to find good books but can't. Sometimes they need a push. Plus its amazing! Come on, start reading now!

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  • Dork Diaries (Series)

    Posted by Elia H. on 10/27/2016

    by Rachel Reneé Russell

    Genre: Realistic Fiction, Drama, Romance

    This is a amazing book series about Nikki Maxwell writing in a diary about her life problems,Happy moments, her crush, and crazy classes. Her worst enemey is the queen of the school and a master liar. Just great! Thats NOT including her wako family with a embarissing roach truck. Will evreything turn out all right?

    I wanted to recommend this book because I thought other people (including boys) would think, 'No Way!' but if you just gave it a chance you'd really like it. My personal favorite is book #8. Hope your brave enough to try it!:)

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  • Shakespeare's Secret

    Posted by Elia H. on 5/5/2016

    by Elise Broach

    Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery

    A girl, Hero, moves into the Murphy Dimand house with a great nieghbor Mrs. Roth. This book will blow your mind with secrets you won't excpect. What will you find out? 

    I recommended this book because someone recommended it to me . So, I want to recommened it to other people. Hope you love the book! :)

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  • Magicalamity

    Posted by Elia H. on 5/4/2016

    by Kate Saunders

    Genre: Fantasy

    This book is about when a boy, Tom, finds out his father is a fiary, he has to protect his mother and himself from the rulers of the realm. When he has no choice but to enter the realm to save everyones lives around him he goes on amazing journeys with his three godmothers (Lisa, Dalilah, and Iris), a genie (Abual), and his cousin. What will happen next?

    I recommend this book to let other people know what other good books are out there. I know how hard it is to pick out a book I really can get into. So just know your not alone.

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  • The Line

    Posted by Christina Z. on 2/8/2016

    by Teri Hall

    Genres: Adventure, Fantasty, Mystery, Realistic Fiction

    Twelve year old Rachel Quinnel, flower lover and grower, lives in an area known as The Property in future day US. The Property is near the Line, a straight line with many high-tech security systems. Beyond it is Away, which many sources on her streamer(computer to us)claim scary stuff about what is in Away. There are a set of laws in her time called the New Rights Bill that her mom, Vivian, calls the "No Rights Bill." Her life changes forever when she receives a message claiming to be from Away.

    If you like nonviolent books with plenty of suspense and futuristic sci-fi stuff, this book is the perfect book for you. Even better, the yearned for sequel to this book, Away, is out now.

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