• EH PTO Board Position Descriptions



    1. Presides over all meetings of the EHUES-PTO and the Executive Board;
    2. Liaison with Administrators and district PTO Presidents;
    3. Act as ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee;
    4. Co-sign EHUES-PTO checks with Treasurer or Vice President; and
    5. Preside over the annual transition of power to newly elected officers of the EHUES-PTO by overseeing the collection of committee files each May for review prior to their storage with other EHUES-PTO information and the distribution of copies of relevant files to newly elected and appointed officers and committee chairpersons.

    (2) Co-Vice Presidents

    1. Coordinate PTO committees and communicate with committee chairs and volunteers to ensure student enrichment is fulfilled;
    2. Perform all duties of the President in the event that the President is absent, unable or unwilling to perform such duties;
    3. Co-sign EHUES-PTO checks with Treasurer or President; and
    4. Assist the President in the discharge of his/her duties.


    1. Keep a complete record of EHUES-PTO income and expenditures using Quickbooks;
    2. Accounting background or knowledge of Quickbooks preferred;
    3. Receive and account for all monies of the EHUES-PTO;
    4. Pay all EHUES-PTO bills incurred;
    5. Co-sign all EHUES-PTO checks with the President or Vice-President;
    6. Give financial report at all bi-monthly EHUES-PTO General Assembly meetings;
    7. Prepare a final annual balance sheet and year-to-date income statement for submission to the final General Assembly meeting and a final Treasurer's report for presentation at the final General Assembly meeting of the school year;
    8. Obtain cash advances for all committees;
    9. Act as primary contact for committee chairs questions on budget and historical expenditures; and
    10. Create committee budgetary reports and final comparative reports for committee summaries.


    1. Take minutes at all meetings of the EHUES-PTO and Executive Board and make minutes available for review by the members of the EHUES-PTO.
    2. Keep an accurate roster of Officers and committee chairpersons;
    3. Act as custodian of books and papers belonging to the EHUES-PTO; and
    4. Submit all books and papers at the end of the term of office.