• Eden Hall PTO – 2019-2020 Committee Descriptions 

    There are so many ways to get involved at school through the PTO…some big, some small, and ALL participation is important! The following provides a description of each committee. The committees are listed below in alphabetical order.  If you have an interest in assisting with a particular committee, please contact the Committee Chair or the PTO Board Member who is responsible for the committee...we'd love to have you!

    After School Programs – Fall & Spring This committee provides fun, age appropriate after school programs in the Fall and Spring for approximately four weeks each. The committee selects programs offered for upper elementary school age children in the region. All programs are held at Eden Hall Upper Elementary immediately after school.  Volunteers are needed to help with the after school programs. Chair: Kathleen Petulla; Board Liason- Jessica Koskey 

    Assemblies Coordinator- This PTO coordinator is in charge of gathering ideas, scheduling and coordinating assemblies for the students at EHUE, in conjunction with the school’s curriculum.  The individual works with EHUE Administration to coordinate these assemblies and also coordinates with the lower elementary schools so as not to repeat assemblies year after year.  Chair: Open; Board Liason- Michelle Plowey

    Book Fair – Fall & Spring- The PTO sponsors two Scholastic Book Fairs in the Fall and Spring to offer books to our students. Proceeds are used to purchase books for the Eden Hall Upper Elementary School’s library and benefit the PTO. Volunteers are needed to assist students in selecting age appropriate books and to manage the checkout process, including running the cash registers.  Chair: Maritza Armstrong & Louise Cashman; Board Liason- Maritza Armstrong 

    Box Tops for Education- The PTO participates in the General Mills Box Tops for Education Program. This committee’s volunteers plan a Fall and Spring box top contest to encourage students to collect and bring in box tops to their classrooms. The class submitting the most box tops wins a special party or prize. The committee solicits the PTO homeroom coordinator’s assistance in counting and bundling the box tops. Final compilation, summarization and submission to General Mills is managed by the committee following each contest. The PTO receives a check for the total value of the submitted box tops and utilizes the funds for PTO sponsored events. Chair:  Ashley Wagerer; Board Liason- Colleen Gilardi

    EH has SmARTS- Showcase of student talent in the fine arts.  This event takes place in conjunction with the Spring Open Houses.  The committee chairperson is responsible for working in conjunction with administration and staff to organize, display art and schedule musical performances, as well as a raffle basket fundraiser. Chair: OPEN Board Liason: Michelle Plowey 

    3rd Grade Move-Up- This family night is so that the current 3rd graders from the three elementary schools are given an opportunity to attend an event at Eden Hall as part of their transition preparation.  This event is a wonderful opportunity for families and students to meet and socialize. This committee will plan and coordinate the event and volunteers. This event will be announced through the Friday Flash.  Chair: Tara Yanni; Board Liason: Jessica Koskey 

    6th Grade Celebration- This event is to celebrate the accomplishments of our 6th Graders leaving Eden Hall. This is a special celebration held after school which takes place in the gym, cafeteria and Multi-Purpose Room.  Volunteers are needed to help plan and facilitate this event.  Chair: Christie Whiting &  Jeni Napolitano  ; Board Liason: Maritza Armstrong & Colleen Gilardi 

    End of Year Picnic- Chair: Rachel LeDuc; Board Liason: Michelle Plowey

    Fall Festival- Chair: Kristy Burja & Jeni Napolitano; Board Liason:  Jessica Koskey

    Family Night- Chair: Leslie Miller; Board Liason: Michelle Plowey 

    Field Days – 4th, 5th & 6th Grade- Field Days are fun-filled days of outside activities for our students.  Grade-level Field Days are held on three separate days in May.  PTO volunteers are needed each day to facilitate games defined and set-up by the Physical Education Teacher(s).  Chair Susan Hong Bang: Board Liason: Maritza Armstrong

    Giant Eagle Gift Card Sale - This fundraiser, held before the winter Holidays, requires distribution of order forms, collection, filling orders, and distribution.  Our school earns a profit from each card sold.  We all have to go grocery shopping or buy gift cards for the Holidays, why not support our school at the same time!  Every little bit will help!  Chair: Nicole Thel; Board Liason: Maritza Armstrong

    Giant Eagle Apples for Students- The PTO participates in the Giant Eagle Apples for Students Program. This program allows Eden Hall Upper Elementary families and extended families to select Eden Hall Upper Elementary as a beneficiary of their Giant Eagle Advantage Card purchases. Eden Hall Upper Elementary receives points for all purchases made with registered Giant Eagle Advantage cards. Thanks to Giant Eagle and Eden Hall Upper Elementary families who select Eden Hall Upper Elementary as a beneficiary of their purchases, our school is able to redeem these points for free computers, digital cameras and other electronic equipment  Eden Hall’s ID Number  is 5302.

    Gift of Time Fundraiser- Chair: Daniella DeRenzo & Lauren Godfrey; Board Liason: Michelle Plowey

    Holiday Shop- Holiday Shop is held during the month of December and is a unique shopping experience just for kids!  This committee chooses a vendor that provided items, reserves the room to set up shop and schedules each class for the sale.  There are plenty of volunteer opportunities during the festive event!  Chair: Jennifer Stedina & Judy Adleff; Board Liason: Colleen Gilardi

    Homeroom Parent Coordinator - The Homeroom Coordinator creates an email distribution list of all Homeroom Parents and acts as contact person between the PTO Board and Homeroom Parents.  Occasional email reminders will be sent through this chain of communication.  Chair: Tammy Vacula; Board Liason: Maritza Armstrong

    Jump For Heart - This student event is organized by the Physical Education Teachers for the students to enjoy during their regularly scheduled gym class. The event provides an opportunity for the students to learn about being “heart healthy.” The PTO supports the event by recruiting volunteers to help with the stations and other requests by the Physical Education Teachers. Chair: Crissa Jones; Board Liason:Jessica Koskey

    New Family Orientation- This event is hosted in August to welcome new Eden Hall students and their families who are new to the Pine-Richland School District.  It is a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the Eden Hall Administration, the PTO Board Members and other members of our Eden Hall family. Chair: Shelly Lindroos; Board Liason: Michelle Plowey

    Outreach- Outreach projects vary and take place throughout the year.  Projects may include food drives, holiday gifts and monetary collections for those in need, as well as service through volunteerism. Chair will work closely with the guidance team at Eden Hall.  Chair:Stacey Shannon &  Jennifer Husted; Board Liason: Colleen Gilardi 

    Picture Day – Fall & Spring- Eden Hall Life Touch Fall Picture day is held in both the Fall and Spring. PTO volunteers are needed to escort the students from each biome to the picture stations and back to their classroom afterwards.  Chair: Kristen Speidelsbach Jen Stedina; Board Liason: Colleen Gilardi  

    School Directory- As a service to the Eden Hall Upper Elementary students and their families, the PTO publishes a school directory. At the beginning of the school year, this committee collects information that the parents/guardian’s wish to be included in the directory, such as addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. This information will be submitted online.  Volunteers compile the data, submit formatted file to school district copy department and distribute copies for each student to the classrooms.  If you have more than one child at Eden Hall, only one copy of the directory will be sent home. Chair: Charles DeGrands; Board Liason: Michelle Plowey

    School Beautification - Chair Christie Whiting & Kathleen Petulla; Board Liason: Michelle Plowey

    Science Olympiad- This is an event for the 4th grade students in which teachers organize labs for the students to compete in. PTO chairs organize the volunteers to facilitate the labs and organize a lunch and sign in/out process as well as help with ordering volunteer tshirts. Mrs. Dayton and Mrs. Beam are the main organizers but the 4th grade team will assign different teachers to help with different portions of the event. Takes place in the spring. It is a two-day event. Chair: Dana Malady & Jaime Vrabel ; Board Liason: Maritza Armstrong

    Spiritwear- Our spiritwear committee offers Rams sportswear logo products for Eden Hall families to purchase twice a year to show their school pride or gift to others! The committee chooses a vendor and apparel to advertise for sale. Volunteers advertise the sale dates, collect and total orders and distribute merchandise when it is delivered. This is a wonderful way to help Eden Hall earn money for various programs and for students and their families to show school spirit by wearing their Pine Richland Rams spiritwear!  This committee will also bring in 1-2 new ideas or products to sell for profit each year. Chair:  Sarah Moye; PTO Board: Jessica Koskey

    Staff/Teacher Appreciation Luncheon- The PTO provides the teachers and staff with a luncheon during teacher appreciation week as a thank you for all of their hard work during the school year. This committee selects the menu, reserves space, decorates, enlists families to donate food and assists with the execution of the event.  On the same day, we ask students to bring a flower or card for their teachers.  Chair: Maritza Armstrong & Leslie Miller; Board Liason:  Maritza Armstrong                  

    Staff/Teacher Welcome Back Breakfast- The PTO provides breakfast for the staff prior to the start of school. The committee plans the menu and reserves space, sends out invitations, contacts families to donate food for the event, and facilitates the actual event.  Chair:   Rene Hoy; Board Liason: Maritza Armstrong

    Summer Reading Program- In the beginning of the school year, the PTO hosts a recognition breakfast for those students who participated in the summer reading program.  PTO Volunteers are needed to work with the school Librarian and help coordinate that breakfast.  Chair:Kristy Burja ; Board Liason: Jessica Koskey

    Volunteer Spot Coordinator - This position is essential to gathering volunteers for our events.  Committee members submit information for their event including: date, times, number of volunteer spots available and job descriptions.  The Coordinator sets up a volunteer signup utilizing Volunteer Spot and provides the committee with a link to share with parents.  Chair: Leslie Ozer; Board Liason: Colleen Gilardi

    Wellness Committe -Chair: Ann Hays; Board Liason: Michelle Plowey

    World Culture Day- Chair: OPEN ; Board Liason: Louise Cashman

    Yearbook- The Yearbook committee is responsible for taking pictures throughout the year at the various Eden Hall events, planning for the yearbook, coordinating orders, organizing the yearbook and verifying the accuracy of the information included in the yearbook.  All yearbooks must be ordered and paid for in advance.   Chair: Renee Evans; Board Liason: Jessica Koskey

    Z-Roni Fundraiser - Chair: OPEN; Board Liason: Michelle Plowey