• Students with Special Dietary Needs

    Dear Parent or Guardian,

    The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania School Nutrition Program must comply with the
    Federal Regulations in providing food service to children with special needs.
    Federal Regulations, 7 CFR Subtitle A, Section 15b.26 (d), outlines the following
    responsibilities of School Food Authorities:

    Sponsors shall serve special meals, at no extra charge, to students whose food allergies
    restrict their diet. Sponsors may require students to provide medical certification signed
    by a physician annually that special meals are needed because of their disability.

    If your student has a lactose intolerance/milk allergy that requires a milk substitute, a
    doctor's prescription must be on file with the school nurse. Provide a new prescription
    every year and include the beverage selection from the items below.

    Lactaid Milk is a healthy milk alternative that meets the nutritional standards established
    by USDA for calcium, vitamin D, and other key nutrients. This item is a nutritional part
    of the meal.

    Water-(8.5 oz bottle) is merely a drink, provided as a courtesy. It is not a milk substitute
    since it does not provide calcium, vitamin D or other key nutrients.

    Please have your doctor complete
     this form and select one of the above substitutions when writing the medical prescription.

    Students without a medical statement for a milk substitute will be charged ala carte pricing for Lactaid and/or water.
Last Modified on June 3, 2014