Welcome to the Desrt!                                                                                              

    I will be posting all new assignments though Google classroom.

    I will have a mini list of things to do each day and attach some papers. Your child can print them out if able, it not they can read the material and write their responses in their journal or on a piece of paper. They should just title the paper appropriately and date it.

    I am totally learning all these new ways to deliver work and instruction that I have never used before. It is stressful, time consuming and not always going to work right. Please be patient:)

    Having a list accessible to you might be helpful, so I will try to remember to post it here for you.

    At this point, NO work is being turned in. I don't know how to do that yet. If your child wants to work ahead, they may. Otherwise, follow what is expected each day. I am keeping it very light right now. Everyone has enough on their plates with things to worry about. 

    Spelling: Not planning on assigning any new lists.

    Grammar: Planning on teaching adjectives, adverbs and prepositions in the upcoming weeks.

    Reading:  We will work on mythology.

     Social Studies: We are moving through the lessons on the midwest region and taking weekly quizzes. Continue to review location of the states throughout the year for our end of year test.


    In-service day on Monday, the 23. No new work given for that day






    • Finish  Bridge reading the 3 stories in Story Works and answering the questions in the packet.

    • Finish the grammar review work sheet both sides.
    • NEW: Use this link or go to BrainPop to watch a video on Greek Gods, then take the quiz.


    • Go to Brain Pop through Clever and find the video on adjectives. Watch it and take the quiz.

    • Write in your journals a diary entry for today about how things have changed in your life recently and why. Use 6 adjectives and underline them.

    • I am going to try and attach a paper on allusions. Not sure if it will work, so be patient as I try new things. If it does, you can print it out or write answers in your journal.

    Social Studies

    • Work on Bridge reading PA Studies Weekly and doing the crossword puzzle on the back..

    My RAM class

    • Continue reading Among the HIdden or Frindle and answer questions in your packet in complete sentences.
    • Continue to finish your chapter book and  packets.
    • Take a quiz for your book when you’re done.




    Other activities

    • Go outside and have a recess.

    • Go outside for recess.