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    Welcome to EHUE's Music Department website!  Along the sidebar, you will find links to all areas of our program as well as contact information for our teachers.  Although many of our pages are currently under construction, we hope this will become a valuable resource for your family!

    Music in our Schools Month


    Daily Music Trivia!

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     MIOSM Daily Music Trivia

    (winners will be announced the following day!)  

    #1 What was the first song performed in outer space? JINGLE BELLS

    WINNER: Morgan Radi (5th grade Grasslands)

    #2 Who wrote the words to our National Anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner" ?  FRANCIS SCOTT KEY

    WINNER: Thomas Kapanowski (6th grade Aquatics)

    #3 What is the Italian term for a "conductor" ? MAESTRO

    WINNER: Ava Jochims (4th grade Grasslands)

    #4 How many keys are on a modern day grand piano ? 88

    WINNER: Cori English (5th grade Desert)

    #5 Which United States.President is a trained saxophone player? 42nd President Bill Clinton

    WINNER: Matteo Rotelli (6th grade Grasslands)

    #6 Which group in the best selling musical group of all time? The Beatles

    WINNER: Anthony Mengine (6th grade Forest)

    #7 How many pieces of wood are used to make a modern-day violin? 70 pieces

    WINNER: Liana DeLisio (4th grade Desert)

    #8 What is the most downloaded song of the 20th century? "Don't Stop Believin'"

    WINNER: Sanika Das (5th grade Aquatics)

    #9 What instrument has a name that means 'little' in Italian? Piccolo 

    WINNER: Makailea Harrer (6th grade Forest)

    #10 In the ABBA song, "Dancing Queen", how old is the queen? 17 

    WINNER: Luke Jancy (6th grade Desert)

    #11 How many notes make up the musical alphabet ? 7

    WINNER: Jonathan Sweet (5th grade Desert)

    #12 What was Elvis Presley's first hit in 1956 ? Heartbreak Hotel 

    WINNER: Anukta Ashok (5th grade Grassands)

    #13 What is the longest-running musical of all timeThe Phantom of the Opera

    WINNER: Timothy Peng (6th grade Forest)

    #14 What is the musical term that indicates to hold a certain note for a long period of time? 

    EHUE Music Staff

    2018 - 2019

    EHUE Music staff

    Mr. Coulter & Mr. Nicodemus - Band 

    Mrs. Baney & Mr. Timcheck - Chorus & Music  

    Mr. Rickenback - Music & Exploring Guitar

     Mrs. Piroth & Mr. Shade Orchestra    


     Here is a wonderful article that is worth a read:http://www.musicparentsguide.com/  The video below explains the value of ensemble participation (focusing on band but applicable to chorus and orchestra as well):