Pine-Richland High School National Merit Scholarship Recipients

    Since Pine-Richland High School opened its doors in 1993, more than numerous students have graduated as either
    National Merit commended student, semifinalist, finalist, or scholar.

    Semifinalists, Finalists & Scholars


    Brendan Anderson, Finalist

    John Faber, Finalist

    Joshua Pazin, Finalist

    Rebecca Peng, Finalist

    Samuel Stella, Finalist

    Benjamin Carnovale, Commended

    Lydia Francis, Commended

    Gregory Gilmour, Commended

    Malini Harinath, Commended

    Rori Holm, Commended

    Evan Jackson, Commended

    Jinwon Jang, Commended

    Connor Johnson, Commended

    Catherine Lee, Commended

    Kareem Mohsen, Commended

    Max Romano, Commended

    Will Sangpachchatnaruk, Commended

    Michael Tamburri, Commended

    Abigail Turner, Commended

    Victor Williams, Commended

    Joseph Woodrow, Commended



    Daniel Krill, Finalist

    Aidan Meyer, Finalist

    Gina Sabol, Finalist

    Justin Waltrip, Finalist

    Jack Carnovale, Commended

    Max Farino, Commended

    Kang-Young Kim, Commended

    Valerie Koester,  Commended

    Nathan Lukez, Commended

    Olivia McGeary, Commended

    Aidan Pavlick, Commended



    Luke Francis, Finalist

    Devin Golla, Finalist

    Amalendu Bokil, Commended

    Ryan Farbacher, Commended

    Jacob Garretson, Commended

    Arjan Guglani, Commended

    Jordan Labuda, Commended

    Martha Lacek, Commended

    Umayal Natesan, Commended

    Mason Pruhs, Commended

    John Reiland, Commended

    Parker Schubert, Commended

    Lucas Zak, Commended

    Kevin Zhou, Commended



    Ryan Ahearn, Finalist

    Chelsea Carver, Finalist

    Nathan Chang, Finalist

    Bruce Jia, Finalist

    Mark Sethi, Finalist

    Alyssa Bigley, Commended

    Callista Carns, Commended

    Charlotte Laubacher, Commended

    Benjamin Martin, Commended

    Keonwoo Park, Commended

    Alexander Steger, Commended

    Tyler Viljaste, Commenced



    Richard Kwon, Semifinalist

    Joshua Pantanowitz, Semifinalist

    Kendall Pomerleau, Semifinalist

    Juliano Avolio, Commended

    Arushi Bandi, Commended

    Bailey Core, Commended

    Matthew Di, Commended

    Andrew Gaffey, Commended

    Adam Heeter, Commended

    Amanda Labuda, Commended

    John Michel, Commended

    Alec Muchnok, Commended

    Joseph Mullen, Commended

    Julia Solomon, Commended

    Kaitlyn Will, Commended



    Aidan Lakshman, Finalist

    Kyra Laubacher, Finalist

    William Newell, Finalist

    Evan Stephenson, Finalist

    Andrew Baxter, Semifinalist

    Khaled Abdel Aziz, Commended

    Nathan Carnovale, Commended

    Lauren Donahoe, Commended

    Madeline Hess, Commended

    Hyunwoo Kim, Commended

    Matthew Lacek, Commended

    Sarah Libby, Commended

    Matthew McLoughlin, Commended

    Elizabeth Profozich, Commended

    Hannah Reiling, Commended

    Phillip Riggins, Commended

    Matthew Ruediger, Commended

    Monica Shope, Commended

    Maxwell Skirpan, Commended 



    Julia Herrle, Finalist

    Jan Karol Kalinski, Finalist

    Ryan Mann, Finalist

    Jonathon Schubert, Finalist

    Sean Anderson, Commended

    Anya Chopra, Commended

    Helen Guo, Commended

    Thomas Krill, Commended

    Makenna Laffey, Commended

    Luke Miller, Commended

    Allison Shepard, Commended




    Rachel Halliday, Finalist

    Monica Lacek, Finalist

    Jennifer Lott, Finalist

    Lena Ogiwara, Finalist

    Kyle Pomerleau, Finalist

    Meher Babbar, Commended

    Kristen Baxter, Commended

    Lauren Brown, Commended

    Sonali Dadoo, Commended

    Sara Dugan, Commended

    Tyler Fitzgerald, Commended

    William Misback, Commended

    Margaret Shope, Commended 



    Natalie Blandino, Semifinalist

    Hannah Christenson, Semifinalist 

    Marcus Colella, Semifinalist 

    Marissa Di, Semifinalist 

    Kasey Elkin, Semifinalist 

    Nicholas Jones, Semifinalist 

    Alianna Sanzi, Semifinalist

    Amulya Yennam, Semifinalist 

    James Burgess, Commended 

    Catherine Chleboski , Commended 

    Angad Guglani, Commended

    Sneha Iyer, Commended

    Kevin Klingensmith, Commended

    Olivia Marchionda, Commended

    JaredOhlund, Commended

    Maria O’Keeffe, Commended

    Christine Ostrosky, Commended

    Bayne Royall,Commended



    Cameron Barnes, Finalist

    Branden Glass, Finalist

    Laura Herrle, Finalist

    Evan Klei, Finalist

    Brian McWilliams, Finalist

    Ji-Ho Park, Finalist

    Peter Pearson, Finalist

    Lucas Axiotakis, Commended

    Nisha Bhat, Commended

    Samantha Bigley, Commended

    Nigel Halliday, Commended

    Kathryn Knapp, Commended

    Jonathan Marks, Commended

    Alexandra Marshall, Commended

    Catherine McAnney, Commended

    Michael Morrissey, Commended

    Lauren Muchnok, Commended

    Joni Mulvaney, Commended

    Justin Olshavsky, Commended

    Rebecca Olson, Commended

    Taylor Perz, Commended



    Edward Misback, Finalist

    Emily Smith, Finalist

    Sowmya Yennam, Finalist

    Michael Clouse, Commended

    Zachary Dionise, Commended

    Sarah Kuethe, Commended

    Michael Matty, Commended

    Daniel Nigh, Commended

    Taylor Rains, Commended

    Thomas Zerbe, Commended



    Ann N. Jacob, Finalist

    Geoffrey P. King, Finalist

    Curtis W. Mahoney, Finalist

    Nicholas Donnelly, Commended

    Derek Feger, Commended

    Anne Graszl, Commended

    Jennifer Jokl, Commended

    Michelle Marano, Commended

    Jennifer Soracco, Commended

    Rebecca Stabile, Commended

    Lauren Stanley, Commended

    Alyssa Whittington, Commended



    Mark D. Beatty, Finalist

    Daniel Bauer, Commended

    William Cenk, Commended

    Jacob Dowling, Commended

    Meghan Marks, Commended

    William Miller, Commended



    Julie M. Behr, Finalist

    Sara E. Deuschle, Finalist

    Brenna E. Jones, Finalist

    Nicholas Y. Park, Finalist

    Michelle Calabrese, Commended

    Carolyn Deutsch, Commended

    Travis Donnelly, Commended

    Elizabeth George, Commended

    Nithyapriya Ramalingam, Commended

    Vincent Salpietro, Commended

    Benjamin Whiting, Commended



    Kelsey Ballance, Commended

    Natalie Bobek, Commended

    Luke Ceurvorst, Commended

    Adam Gigliotti, Commended

    Kelsey Jones, Commended

    Laura Keeley, Commended

    Nagisa Kodama, Commended

    Laura Langford, Commended

    Ashwin Shinde, Commended

    Nicholas Sirera, Commended



    Amanda M. Gentzel, Finalist

    Alice Yu, Finalist

    KatherineBehr, Commended

    Erin Donnelly, Commended

    Kevin Mohler, Commended

    Brian Rudowski, Commended

    Alyse Weaver, Commended

    Alex Whiting, Commended



    Kevin F. Allgaier, Scholar

    Gregory A. Blandino, Finalist

    Erin M. Kapp, Scholar



    Meagan H. Chan, Finalist

    Patrick J. Irvin, Scholar



    Emily J. Karrs, Scholar

    Rachel L. Orler, Scholar

    John Berry, Commended

    Josh Lippert, Commended

    Gina Londino, Commended

    Anna Craig, Commended

    Kalyn Kappelman, Commended

    Justin Tackett, Commended



    Bethany V. Roxby, Semifinalist

    Brieann Artz, Commended

    Michelle Myers, Commended



    1. Branden Van Oss, Scholar



    Benjamin R. Campbell, Finalist

    Tao P. Neuendorffer, Scholar

    David M. Tarr, Finalist



    Cynthia L. Hammond, Finalist



    Sandra L. Graver, Finalist



    Todd M. Emmett, Scholar

    Roland M. Reagan, Finalist



    Adam D. Jenner, Scholar


    Some records are incomplete, so we checked with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. National Merit did not have records from 1999 to 2007. However, we do know the number of commended students.

    In 2000, there were four commended students, 2001, two students, 2002, two students, 2003, six students, 2004, three students, 2005, seven students, 2006, six students and 2007 held 10 commended students,