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    Eden Hall Upper Elementary School 


    The 1800s - Students study in single room schoolhouses.

    1932  - Washington Elementary is built.

    1936  -  Pine Elementary is constructed. Secondary students travel outside the area to attend high school.

    1956- Richland Junior/Senior High opens to educate 750 students in grades 7-12. 

    1958- Pine & Richland Townships merge to form the Pine Richland Joint School District.         

    1958 - First class at Richland Junior/Senior High graduates.

    1958 - Hance Elementary is constructed.

    1959 - Wexford Elementary in Pine Township opens.

    1960 - Pine Junior High opens after being built to accommodate the growing student body. Pine Junior High Houses Grades 7-9 and RHS accommodate grades 10-12.  

    1971- The school district changes its name to the Babcock School District.

    1971 - Wexford Elementary is renovated.

    1979 - District completes renovation of Richland Senior High.

    1982- Pine Junior High becomes Pine Middle School for students in grades 6-8. RHS transitions to serve grades 9-12. 

    1982 - The district changes name to Pine-Richland School District to bring a sense of recognition and commonality.

    1985- Pine Elementary School is sold and is now home to Stepping Stones Children's Center.

    1992 -1993 - Richland High School Closes. 

    1993 - The newly constructed Pine-Richland High School, at 700 Warrendale Road in Pine Township opens. Pine Middle is renamed Pine-Richland Middle School.  PRHS is dedicated on Nov. 13, 1993. (The same day that RHS was dedicated 35 years earlier) Crews begin a transformation on RHS as crews remodel it into Richland Elementary School. 

    1994 – Washington Elementary School closes.  Washington Elementary is sold to St. Barnabas.

    1996 - PRMS is remodeled and expanded.

    1998 - District completes Wexford Elementary expansion and renovation project.

    2000 - District Administrative Offices are dedicated on Oct. 23, 2000, after being moved from Ewalt Road in Richland Township to PRHS on Warrendale Road. The PRHS expansion is completed.

    2001 - PRHS Stadium is constructed. Hance Elementary is dedicated after a remodeling and expansion project on October 21, 2001. 

    2006 - Ground is broken for a new upper elementary school to accommodate grades 4-6.Groundbreaking

    2007 - District begins a feasibility study on expanding the high school for the second time.

    2008 - PRSD celebrates 50 years with a community celebration at PRHS. See the 50th video.  PRSD opens Eden Hall Upper Elementary School in August 2008 and is officially dedicated on Nov. 2, 2008. Click here for a video of the dedication.

    2010 - PRHS officially breaks ground in November 2010 as work begins on expanding the high school to accommodate a growing population.  Click here for the groundbreaking ceremony details.

    2012 - The expanded portion of PRHS opens to students featuring the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and mathematics) Center/Expansion.    The newly expanded portion is dedicated in September 2012. 

    2018 - District celebrates 60 Years. Stadium visitor lockers and team rooms updated at the stadium.