• PTO Committee Chairperson Information

    Thank you for volunteering to chair a committee for the Richland Elementary PTO! The PTO Board wants to make things easier for you by providing the following information but always feel free to contact the primary PTO Board contact for your committee with questions at any time. This can be found on the committee chair list at the following link RES PTO Committee List
    Read the FAQs for questions about submiting information for your committee to be published in eNews and the website.

    Facility Use Request

    If your committee requires PRSD facilities, a facility request must be submitted to the District office as soon as possible to reserve the desired space. This can be done with the following document PRSD Facilities Use Application.


    Committee Planning – Supplies/Entertainment

    One to two months prior to the committee, a review of what the committee entails should be undertaken. If supplies or an entertainment is required, these should be ordered/contracted for at this time within the budget guidelines.


    Committee Planning – Volunteers

    If volunteers are needed for the committee, a request for these volunteers should be submitted to the Flash Administrator at prnewsletters@yahoo.com. The request should include the date, beginning and ending times for the volunteering opportunity as well as how many volunteers are needed. The exact date that you send this request will be determined by the Flash schedule. At least 1 week should be given for the responses to come in. The following links contain the directions Elementary Flash Procedures to request a posting and the production schedule Flash Production Calendar for the Flash.


    A request may also be put to the Flash Administrator for the volunteer responses to be accumulated into a database. This data can be provided to the committee chair as a complete list thereby eliminating the need for the chair to compile the data from multiple email responses.


    Committee Planning – Cash Advance

    If the committee requires the use of a cash register, a request for petty cash for the opening cash drawer should be made 2 weeks prior to the event. This request should be submitted to the PTO Treasurer by placing it in the PTO mailbox or emailing it to the email address found on the form. The request should indicate the denomination and quantity of bills and coins needed. If the submission is placed in the PTO mailbox, a follow-up notification via email to the Treasurer should occur. The Treasurer will contact the chair following receipt of the request and arrange a time and place to provide the funds. The request should be done using the form found at this link RES PTO Check Request Form.


    Expense Reimbursement

    If the committee chair or volunteers incur expenses, the form found at the following link should be completed and submitted to the PTO Treasurer for reimbursement within a week following conclusion of the committee RES PTO Committee Reimbursement Form. The Treasurer should be notified via email or call that a submission has been made. All expenditures should follow the budgetary guideline set in the relative committee budget.


    Committee Receipts

    In the event that monies are received as a result of the committee, these receipts should be submitted to the PTO Treasurer using the following linked form within a week of conclusion of the committee RES PTO Committee Deposit Form. All checks are to be made payable to "RES PTO" and all monies are to be for deposit to the RES PTO account. When several checks are received, a spreadsheet detailing check number and amount must also be submitted along with deposit form. Arrangements for transfer of the funds should be coordinated with the PTO Treasurer.


    Project Updates

    Throughout the entire planning process, periodic status reports should be provided to the committee’s PTO Board contact. The Board member will be responsible for looping in the administration when needed and informing them of final arrangements.

    Project and Tracking Summary

    Please remember to return it when your committee work is done and include a summary of this year’s work. A form can be found at the following link RES PTO Project and Tracking Summary.