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    Q.  Who named the PRHS sports teams the Rams?
    A.  David Garber, along with fellow student council members Norma Henderson, Martha Everhart, and Dick Shoup.  This was in Spring 1956, when we were 7th graders, and about to move into the new high school that Fall.  We met in the boiler/furnace room of the Washington Elementary School due to limitations in classroom space.

    Q.  Who chose the PRHS school colors green and white, and why?
    A.  Norma Henderson, with the same group at the same time.  She suggested that with green and white football uniforms, grass stains would not show up as much as with uniforms of other colors.

    Thank you to Richard Shoup, Class of '61, for submitting these trivia questions. He writes: "All four of us graduated with the class of '61, and were all present at the recent 50th class reunion in 2011.  We don't quite remember how we were given these tasks, but apparently our recommendations stuck, and we are proud to have been a part of the school's traditions."