• The Man Behind Eden Hall Upper Elementary School
    .....Sebastian Mueller

    MuellerSebastian Mueller, a native of Germany immigrated to Pittsburgh, Pa., in 1884 at the age of 24. Shortly after immigrating to the United States, Mueller found a job with his cousin's company. Mueller worked as a laborer for the H.J. Heinz Company. He then slowly worked his up to senior vice president and was in charge of all manufacturing operations worldwide. He watched over the company when his cousin left for business trips. Mueller dedicated his time to "The House of Heinz" for more than 5 decades.

    Sebastian and his wife, Elizabeth Heinz Mueller were very gracious to their female workers of the company. Before benefit packages, the Muellers provided the women with medical care and financial assistance.

    In 1912, Mueller began to purchase small parcels of land in Richland Township. His intention was to create a vacation resort for Heinz employees. At the end of his life, Mueller had acquired more than 450 acres of land. He established the Eden Hall farm. Mueller created the farm to serve as a vacation resort  for working women.Eden Hall Farm

    When he died in November of 1938 at the age of 78, Mueller had willed his entire estate along with Eden Hall Farm. Years later, the Eden Hall Foundation was established to create more chances for charitable opportunities. Another way to carry out, Mueller's undying work of charity.

    Now, Chatham University and Pine-Richland School District have schools on the Eden Hall property. Pine-Richland's new Eden Hall Upper Elementary is named after the property. The new school will hold grades four, five and six. A Multi-Purpose Room has also been built in the school and has been dedicated to Sebastian Mueller.