Welcome to First Grade at Richland Elementary

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    Dear Parents,

    We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of some of the routines in our classrooms and important information to help us all have a successful year!

    Lunch/Recess will be from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. daily.

    Lunch money is to be sent to school in an envelope labeled with your child’s name, room number, and lunch money. Checks should be made payable to Richland Cafeteria Fund.

    Snack: We will have a daily snack break in the afternoon.

    Please be sure to send your child with a small, peanut-free snack to school daily. Due to the board policy on food items, we are unable to provide a snack to those children who forget their daily snack.


    Open communication between home and school is an essential ingredient to a successful school year! It is our goal to meet your child’s and family’s needs to the best of our abilities as educators. We will frequently send home emails, notes and letters to keep you informed about the goings-on in the classroom. 

    We will also send a weekly informational newsletter called the What You Need to Succeed in First Grade (WYNTS) that will give you the details of spelling words, reading instructional goals, homework and any other important information for that week.                                               

    The green communication folder is to be used to send home all papers from the office and notes from your teacher. You will also use this folder to send in any items from home including lunch money and any notes for the office. Please be sure to look in this folder nightly and return it to school with your child the following day.

    Please feel free to contact us at anytime. The best way to reach us is via our emails listed above. Also, you can contact us by leaving a message on our voice mails by calling 724-443-1558 and following the menu to our extensions. In case of emergencies, please contact the office secretaries by dialing 724-443-1558. They will be able to reach us if needed. We look forward to working alongside you and your family to make this year a productive and fun one, filled with learning opportunities for all of us!


    Reading nightly with your child is the best preparation for the school year.  Beginning after the first few weeks of school, your child will have a clear homework folder that he or she will bring home nightly with the assignments for the evening enclosed. Homework will be used as a means to reinforce the skills taught in school. Please be sure to look in your child’s homework folder nightly and assist your child in establishing a successful homework routine.


    In the event that your child is absent from school, please send in a dated written excuse with your child when he or she returns to school. Any missed homework will be sent home with your child when he or she returns to school. For vacations or trips planned during the school year, you will need to complete a form located in the office or on the school website. It is helpful to give as much notice as possible for these trips.


    Birthdays are very important events in a child’s life and we look forward to celebrating them with the class! We plan to acknowledge birthdays at snack time and we will sing during this time. If you would like to send in a small school-related item such as a pencil or stickers, you may and we will distribute them to the class. This is optional in lieu of the birthday treat. For students who have birthdays that fall on a day when school is not in session, we will be sending home a list of possible dates to celebrate their special day.

    Star Student of the Week:

    We enjoy celebrating the individual differences and similarities of my students! The Star Student of the Week routine is one way that we celebrate our unique qualities and characteristics that make us special. Your child will have a week assigned to him or her to be the Star Student of the Week. This will be an opportunity for the students to share personal photographs and information with the class. Also, the students will have the opportunity to share a family favorite children’s book with the class. You will receive notification in the coming weeks of your child’s week and your child will also receive a packet to complete for this special duty one week in advance of their assigned week. This is a fun way to let the children shine as individuals and help us learn more about each other!

    Personal Items:

    Please be sure to label all of your child’s personal items including book bags, lunch boxes, and coats/ sweaters with your child’s name and room number. This will ensure if these items are misplaced that they will be returned to their rightful owner. Also, please do not send in any toys or additional supplies with your child to school.

    Parent Volunteers:

    There will be many opportunities for parents to volunteer this school year. Parents who will be in the school are required to have their Act 33/34 Clearances from the state of Pennsylvania, acquire FBI Clearances and attend a volunteer orientation session prior to volunteering. These requirements are to ensure that all of our class volunteers are trained and equipped to work with the students. If you are able and interested in volunteering, please be sure to let your classroom teacher know.

    We are here to assist you and your child to make this a wonderful year! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

    The Richland First Grade Team