• Beanie Strategies

    Reading Better with Beanies Strategies

    What can you do when you come across a word that is new to you? Ask a Beanie! The students are applying a variety of decoding strategies with the helpful reminders of some friendly animals.

    Chunky Monkey
    Chunky Monkey reminds the children to look for parts that they already know.

    Then combine the chunks together to form the word.

    This is a good strategy for multisyllabic words.

    Stretchy the Snake

    Stretchy the Snake encourages children to slowly say each sound. Then try to put the sounds together to form a word.

    This strategy may need to be combined with another strategy for success.

    Flip the Sound

    Some words don't follow the "rules". That's a good time to try flipping the sound. This means trying the vowel's other sound.

    Skippy the Frog
    Sometimes, skipping over the word and reading to the period gives the reader some extra clues.

    Using the context of the passage, the student "hops" back and attempts to read the word using their new understanding.