• PRHS Expansion Committee

    The PR School Board approved the composition of the PRHS expansion Committee on Oct. 16, 2007. The committee reported its findings July 8, 2008. Click here for the complete report.


    Dr. James Manley and Dr. Bille Rondinelli

    Administrative Support
    Laura Davis and John Pietrusinski

    Staff Support
    Lee Rickard, Beth Sipe, Barbara Williams & Steve Karpinski

    Board Member Interest

    Retired Director Joe Merhaut & School Directors Kevin Nigh, Scott Stedeford and any other board members that would like to participate

    Student Representatives
    Jennifer Rausch and (2) to be determined

    Community Representatives

    Donna Stephenson, Susan Shepard, Tom Woodrow, James Dionise, Garrin Welter, Pam Leibensperger, Janet Radar, Lekslimi Ramalingam, Brian Green, Wendy Compernolle, Hank Compernolle, Sharon Scheidemantle, Paul Nussbaum, Steve Leonard, Lisa Murslack, Heidi McMurry, Joe Sigado, Kyle Stewart and Laura Clark.