• High SchoolPine-Richland High School Expansion Updates

    Because Pine-Richland continues to experience a growing community, the district is expanding its high school. A committee came together a few years ago to formulate a vision. Read More...

    Right now, architects are designing the project, and construction crews are expected to begin in early October. 

    Check back here for updates to the project.

    July 12, 2010 Update
    • The PR School Board approved a change order to allow for a right turn lane on southbound Babcock Boulevard at Warrendale Road, and a right-turn lane on eastbound Warrendale Road at Babcock Boulevard.The expansion of the high school also includes putting a traffic light at the Babcock Boulevard-Warrendale Road intersection near the entrance of the high school.
    • Eckles Architecture's Cassandra Renninger and PJ Dick's Dana Damon expect work to begin by early October.

    June 28, 2010 Update
    • Eckles Architecture's Cassandra Renninger and PJ Dick's Dana Damon gave an update on the PRHS expansion project. Renninger says the next steps include conducting code review, completing construction documentation and continuing the final coordination of construction costs.
    • If the project goes out to bid in August, bids will be received in September and work can begin later in early October.
    • She shared with the board an alternate plan for the music department that would reduce the scope of the project.

    May 18, 2010 Update
    • The public was invited to attend an Act 34 Hearing scheduled by the board. 
    • The Hearing was held in the district board room at 702 Warrendale Rd. on May 17, 7 p.m.
    • The board approved a maximum amount of $41.7 million to spend on the construction project.

    February 2, 2010 Update
    Superintendent Dr. Mary Bucci said the district is coming together continually to map this endeavor out with a strategic eye and vision and says a crafting a well-thought out space is important, because we want to make sure it works hand-in-hand with our curriculum.
    • PRHS Principal John Pietrusinski and Bucci have been very involved in the process of meeting with the architect and consultants.
    • Various staff members, board members, district administrators, teachers and contracted staff have joined in the discussions.
    • Some of the meetings have included:
      • Oct. 2, 2009 - Music, Physical Education, Nurse, Principals, Athletics and Guidance
      • Oct. 9, 2009 - Principals Health, Family and Consumer Science
      • Oct. 16, 2009 - Traffic Scoping Meeting, Food Services, Trainers
      • Oct. 2, 2009 - Technology Department, PR-TV, Principals
      • Nov. 16, 19 & 25, 2009 – Architect & Central Office

    The expansion project allows for the district to investigate the STEM program - Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. PR already has STEM in place to some degree, but it needs to be nurtured and developed into a more collaborative program.

    Through renovation, the district hopes to create these collaborative opportunities. One example is creating galleries for the display of student projects. This will encourage and engage others outside specific content areas to come together and share their best thinking.

    We want to emphasize these connections and bring teachers together. The district is investigating different curriculum programs that support the STEM philosophy.

    They include:

    • PROJECT Lead the Way (Penn State University) which includes two options: Pathway to Engineering, which focuses on architecture and engineering courses and a biomedical emphasis which focuses on health services (nurse, technician or researcher). Project Lead the Way would not interfere with electives and allow students to keep their options open.
    • Current Technology Courses - Another option involves looking at the current technology program and engaging our regular education teachers and technology teachers in integrating the courses that PRHS already offers.
    • Independent Study - A final option would be to incorporate an independent study program into the curriculum. This would involve connecting nearby professionals with our students in job shadowing, mentoring and internships.