• Early Enrollment (K-1)

    Thank you for inquiring about our early school entrance policy. Should you wish to consider early entrance for your child, please click on this link to review an Early Entrance Information Packet, which includes a letter regarding early enrollment, a parent nomination referral form and parent questionnaire forms for early entrance to kindergarten or first grade.
    You should already know that this early entrance policy applies to children who turn five or six years old on September 1 but before December 31. Should you believe that your child may qualify for early entrance to school, we recommend that you complete the Early Entrance Information Packet at your earliest convenience.
    While the Board Policy allows for parents to apply for early admission anytime before July 1, we would request that if at all possible you complete the referral packet and formally apply for early admission by May 15. This will allow the elementary school principal and school psychologist to finalize the decision to evaluate for early admission and for the evaluation to be scheduled at a convenient time during the summer months.
    When it has been determined that an early admission evaluation is appropriate, you will be contacted by the psychological services office and an evaluation will be scheduled with a certified school psychologist. Following the completion of the evaluation, you will be contacted in writing regarding early entrance eligibility for your child.