Ms. Hoffman

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    Phone: 724-443-1541


    We will work on the "Ready To Learn" curriculum in the first weeks of Kindergarten.

    Through the story Fuzzy and the Time of Great Change, we will talk about what all students need to do in order to be successful in school. The big ideas we will discuss are to:
    1. Pay Attention
    2. Listen and Understand
    3. Ask Questions
    4. Never Give Up

    When we are paying attention, we turn our bodies to face the person who is speaking. We look the speaker in the eyes. We may even lean toward the speaker a little so the speaker is aware that we are listening.

    If we are listening to a speaker, our mouth is quiet. Our body is still.

    When the speaker says something that we don't understand, we ask a question or questions until we do understand. 

    Finally, if we are trying to do or understand something that is difficult, we never give up. 

    We will refer back to these big ideas throughout the school year.