• PR District Colors, Mascot, Logo & Name Usage
    General Guidelines

    PR Logo The image resolution should reflect the same quality as the original file and not be a copy of a copy. The images are available in the District Image section to the left of your screen.
    While using the district name, logo and mascot images, follow the specifications and these general guidelines:

    • Use original district logo and mascot design files and do not redesign, redraw or alter them from the original designs.
    • Re-size the logo and mascot images as needed, but retain all proportions to avoid distortion.Ram Logo
    • Follow the color values listed within the specification guideline to the left when using the Pantone Matching System, Hexadecimal or the RGB (Red, Green & Blue) values.

    • Hyphenate Pine-Richland when used in its entirety. Do not incorporate the hyphen when abbreviated. Correct usage examples include: Pine-Richland, Pine-Richland School District, Pine-Richland High School, PR, PRHS, PRSD, etc.

    • Copy or text should incorporate a standard font such as a Times New Roman, Arial and/or Tahoma.

    • Follow the detailed specifications font, name and images for the mascot and logo.