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    Mrs. Mlakar & Mrs. Mesin
    Mrs. Mlakar
    smlakar@pinerichland.org    Welcome! Bienvenido! Bienvenue! Willkommen!
    Mrs. Mesin
    The World Language course designed for our 4th, 5th, and 6th graders here at Eden Hall is an exciting one that we hope will challenge and inspire our students! This year, students are being given the opportunity to learn about other people and places around the world. They will learn about how other cultures communicate and interact with one another. They will also learn about customs and daily life of world citizens outside of the United States. We look forward to watching our students learn and grow in the classroom. Let's make this a great year!
    Please visit the links on the side of the page to find out what we are learning this week, view homework assignments, and download worksheets that are related to the material we are covering in class!