Service hours will be audited on the following dates:
    August 25, 2022 (10 hours due by 2:45PM)
    January TBD, 2023 (20 hours due) - will be last day of 2nd quarter
    May TBD, 2023 (20 hours due) - will be last day of senior finals
    In order for service hours to be counted, your completed service slips must be submitted to your file in room 317 or to the Google Classroom before 2:45PM on the audit dates.
    Please refer to the bylaws for specific policy information regarding service hours. 

    Audit Process

    • The service audit happens only twice per year (once per semester)
    • Hours are due by 2:45PM on each of the two audit dates established at the beginning of the year
    • This is a lengthy process that cannot and will not occur more frequently than at the end of each semester
    • As a courtesy, the service coordinator MAY send a reminder email if it is noticed that a student has zero hours completed
    • Do not expect prior notification of any issues – this has never been part of the process
    • It is your responsibility to carefully follow directions
    • Seek clarification prior to the audit if you are concerned or confused