• Fundraising Fundraising

    Fundraising activities must comply with School Board Policy Policy #229 (Student Fundraising) and must be requested in writing to the building principal or Director of Athletics on a district approved form

    - The form must be reviewed and approved at the building/athletic office level before any such fundraising can take place.

    - No student instructional time may be used for fundraising.

    - If soliciting within the community, efforts must be minimal so as not to disrupt the businesses and residents.

    "Small Games of Chance"
    - Any fundraising that require a "Small Games of Chance" License must comply with School Board Policy #707 (Use of Facilities)

    - "Small Games of Chance" Licenses must be provided upon request by the district.

    - O
    btain licenses through the Allegheny County Department of Revenue. Click here for details.