We are using SignUp.com for TRY Friday sign-ups. You are required to serve at one TRY Friday per year. Use the following link to sign up: (coming soon)
    • All members must sign up & serve ONE TRY Event per year (will NOT count toward your 20 service hours) 
    • You must attend the event/date that you register for
    • Failure to attend your scheduled event results in dismissal
    • Switches with other students should only be made if absolutely necessary
    • To switch, you must contact Service Coordinators - Elizabeth Theis and Thomas Andrews
    • Service Coordinators will provide you with instructions on how to remove your event AND have your replacement register
    • Please check your calendars & your parents' calendars carefully, then choose your event 
    • Sign up using the link above 
    • You will receive a confirmation email and your registration is recorded (the system maintains live records)
    • Please do NOT cancel/remove your participation for a scheduled event -- NHS adviser will receive a date/time stamped cancellation notice (this will be seen as non-participation/non-attendance and result in dismissal). If you cannot make your scheduled event, you must find a replacement in order to not be dismissed. However, one TRY event per year must still be attended per the bylaws.
    • More than one TRY event may be attended. Email the Service Coordinators before signing up for second, third, etc. events. Service hours will be awarded for events attended after the one required event. 
    TRY Event Dates: 
    All TRY events take place at Wexford Elementary School unless otherwise indicated. The events are from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm - come at 6:30 pm to set-up (unless otherwise indicated).