Attendance Eligibility

  • The Pine-Richland Board operates the schools for the benefit of children residing in Pine and Richland townships, who are eligible to attend. The board may permit the admission of nonresident students only in accordance with terms of this policy.

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    The board shall require that appropriate legal documentation showing dependency or guardianship or a sworn statement of full residential support filed with the district's administrative office before an eligible nonresident student may be accepted as a student in district schools. The Board may require a resident to submit additional, reasonable information to substantiate a sworn statement, in accordance with guidelines issued by the Department of Education.  

    The board reserves the right to verify claims of residency, dependency, and guardianship and to remove from school attendance a nonresident student whose claim is invalid.

    If information contained in a sworn statement of residential support is found to be false, the student shall be removed from school after notice is given of an opportunity of appeal the student's removal, in accordance with board policy.

    The Board shall not be responsible for the transportation to or from school for any nonresident student residing outside school district boundaries.

    Tuition rates shall be determined annually in accordance with the law. Except as otherwise expressly provided below; tuition shall be charged monthly, in advance attendance.

    Nonresident Children Placed in Resident's Home 

    Any child placed in the home of a district resident by a court or government agency shall be admitted to district schools and shall receive the same benefits and be subject to the same responsibilities as resident children.

    Children Living in Assigned Facility/Institution

    A child who is living in or assigned to a facility or institution for the care or training of children that is located within this district is not a legal resident of the district by such placement, but he or she will be admitted to district schools and charge shall be made for tuition in accordance with the law. 

    Future Residents

    A student whose parent/guardian has executed a contract to buy, build or rent a residence in this district for occupancy by the end of the semester may be enrolled without payment of tuition for a period of time from the date of enrollment until the end of the then-current semester.

      • Continued enrollment after the expiration of this period shall not be permitted unless the parent or guardian makes an advance payment to the district in an amount equal to one (1) semester of tuition at the established tuition rate for non-residents. The district will refund to the parent/guardian, on a pro-rata basis, any overpayment of tuition made once proof of actual residency and occupancy of the residence is submitted to the district by the parent/guardian. 
      • A parent/guardian who claims admission on the basis of future residency under this policy shall be required to meet with the superintendent or his/her designee and execute an agreement with the district, as well as provide documents that, in the judgment of the administration, support the claim of future residency. 

    Former Residents

    Senior students–A senior whose family moves out of the district after he/she completes 11th grade may finish the senior year without paying tuition, provided, however, that the student has been a resident of and enrolled in the district for at least two (2) calendar years prior to the date that the actual residency in the district will end.

    Underclassmen (K-11)
    –A student whose family moves out of the district during the school term may complete the current semester without paying tuition. A nonresident student may be admitted to district schools without payment of tuition where attendance is justified on the grounds that the student lives full-time and not just for the school year with district residents who have assumed legal dependency or guardianship or full residential support of the student.

    Exchange Students

    Students visiting this country as exchange students and living in the district may be admitted to district schools in accordance with board policy.

    Homeless Students

    The district shall immediately enroll homeless students, even if the student or parent/guardian is unable to produce the required documents, in accordance to board policy, laws, and regulations.