• Health Screening Program

    According to Article XIV of the School Code of the State of Pennsylvania, all school-aged children must be provided with the following health services unless a religious exemption has been granted:

      • Annual vision screening for each grade level
      • Annual height and weight measurement for each grade level
      • Hearing screening for children K through 3 and grades 7 and 11
      • Scoliosis screening for grades 6 and 7

    The School Health Act of Pennsylvania also requires that:

      • Each child must have a physical exam in K or 1 and grades 6 and 11.
      • Each child must have a dental exam in K or 1 and grades 3 and 7.    

    If you need to provide updated information from your child’s physician or dentist, you can find the forms listed on the menu of this page. 

    You also are required to provide proof of the immunizations (visit link in menu) or a signed statement indicating your strong moral or ethical opposition to such immunizations.

    What does a referral mean?

    If you receive a referral after any school screening, it means that the screening detected a possible problem and further evaluation by a professional healthcare provider is recommended. The form is to be completed by your private physician, dentist or eye doctor and returned to the school nurse. As always, if you have any questions, contact the school nurse