• Top Five Caring Skills to Promote a
    Warm & Friendly Environment

    Pine-Richland strives to provide a caring and warm environment for your child. Here are some skills that you can help instill in your child .

    Skill #1: Be Aware. All students can easily observe "teasing" and other disrespectful behaviors. Encourage your child  to be empathetic, i.e., think how the other person may feel.

    Skill #2: Keep a "Watchful" Eye. Make sure the other student is not being picked on all the time. Make sure no one is getting hurt.

    Skill #3: Be a Friend. Helping a student who is being teased or being treated disrespectfully may be a simple as talking to the student. For example, "Are you OK?" Not everyone in this school behaves this way. Would you like to sit with us, etc.?

    Skill #4: Send a Positive Message. Talking to the student who is teasing or treating another student disrespectfully will require more skill. A simple positive message is, "We don't treat other students that way in our school."

    Skill #5: Talk to an Adult. All students should understand that "doing the right thing" may include talking to an adult (parent, teacher, counselor, coach, principal, etc.) if they suspect that another student is being hurt.

    Developed by Albert L. Wille, Ph.D., Safe School Initiative Grant 2002-2003