• Expectations and Grading
    Classroom Expectations 
    Follow the RAMS Way in World Language!
    Respectful-Use kind words. Listen when the teacher is talking. Follow directions when they are given. Use voice level directed by teacher. Use kind words to describe different cultures and languages.
    Accountable-Keep folder neat and organized. Do class jobs. Clean up supplies and materials. Turn in work on time.
    Motivated-Do your best work. Put forth effort. Stay on task. Ask questions to help learn better.
    Safe-Use supplies and materials properly. WALK in the classroom. Keep hands/feet to self. Ask permission and take the pass before leaving the room. Follow directions during emerency drills.
    This course is not meant to cause you any stress; it is intended to be an enjoyable and exploratory experience. However, you ARE expected to participate, work hard, and put forth your best effort. Each quarter, the student will receive a World Language grade noted as either (Extending), P (Proficient), or D (Developing). Grading for the course is based on classwork, projects, and participation.