• Philosophy & Beliefs

    • In the Pine-Richland School District every effort is made to provide students with a free and appropriate education in their home school.
    • Instructional strategies, curriculum adaptations, and behavioral interventions are applied in the Least Restrictive Environment
    • The Least Restrictive Environment can range from regular classroom placement with consultation services provided to the student and/or teacher to full time support within a special education classroom or a special school.
    • Pine-Richland teachers promote the concept of inclusion by applying one of three best practices:  in-class support, co-teaching, and consultation with classroom teachers.
    • The IEP team decides which practice will best meet the needs of the student.
    • All students have specific needs, characteristics and learning styles.
    • All school staff and community members are responsible for meeting individual needs of students
    • All students can learn
    • Every student has the right to receive appropriate educational services without labeling
    • Meeting the needs of individual students does not lower program standards
    • Adaptation of the curriculum enables students to succeed and does not diminish their achievement
    • Positive self-esteem is an essential component of student success
    • Success influences self-esteem and encourages high achievement
    • Modeling of effective teamwork by school staff enables children to develop cooperative social skills 
    • Social development and opportunities in an educational setting prepare students for participation in society
    • Expectations based upon ongoing assessments foster student growth
    • Ongoing assessment of all students results in a needs-driven educational system