• Learning Support
    For students whose primary identified need is academic learning.

    Gifted Support
    For students who show outstanding intellectual ability which requires more enrichment activities and opportunities in and out of the classroom. 

    Emotional Support
    For students with personal, behavioral, or emotional issues that interfere with learning and adjustment.

    Life Skills Support 
    For students who need to develop skills for independent living.

    Speech and Language Support
    For students with communication impairments which affect their academic achievement. 

    Hearing Impaired Support
    For students with hearing impairments which interfere with the development of their communication processes. 

    Visually Impaired Support
    For students who have a visual impairment which adversely affects their educational performance.

    Autistic Support
    For students requiring specially designed, highly structured instruction emphasizing communication, social skills, and/or behaviors as well as research-based academic intervention services in the areas of reading, writing, and math.  

    Services for School-Age Exceptional Children

    The school district provides a free, appropriate public education to exceptional students according to state and federal mandates. To be eligible, the child must be of school age, need specially designed instruction and meet eligibility criteria for mentally gifted and/or one or more of the following physical or mental disabilities as set forth in the Pennsylvania State Standards: autism/pervasive developmental disorder, blindness/visual impairment, deafness/hearing impairment, mental retardation, multi-handicap, neurological impairment, physical disability, serious emotional disturbance, specific learning disability, and speech/language impairment.

    Services designed to meet the needs of eligible students include the annual development of an individualized education program (IEP), periodic multidisciplinary reevaluation, supportive intervention in the regular class or in a special education resource program, placement in a part-time or full-time special education class in a regular school or placement in a full-time special education class outside of the regular school. The extent of special education services and the location for the delivery of such services are determined by the parents and staff at the IEP team meeting and is based on the student's identified needs and abilities, chronological age and the level of intensity of the specified intervention.

    The school district also provides related services, such as transportation, speech and language therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy that are necessary to enable the student to derive educational benefits.

    Services for Students in Nonpublic Schools

    Public special education is accessible to resident students attending nonpublic schools by permitting the non- public school student to enroll on a part-time dual enrollment basis in a special education program operated in a public school.

    Special education programs are accessible to nonpublic school students through dual enrollment following the multidisciplinary team evaluation.

    Parents of nonpublic school students who suspect that their child is exceptional and in need of special education may request a multi-disciplinary team evaluation of their child through a written request to the director of student services at 702 Warrendale Road, Gibsonia, PA 15044. 

    Services for Disabled Preschool Age Children

    Act 212, the Early Intervention System Act, entitles all preschool age children with disabilities to appropriate early intervention services. Young children experiencing developmental delays or physical or mental disabilities are eligible for early intervention services.

    The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare is responsible for providing services to children from birth through two years of age. Contact St. Peter’s Child Development Center, Inc. 2500 Baldwick Road, Suite, 200, Pittsburgh, PA 15205.

    The Pennsylvania Department is responsible for providing services to preschool age children from ages three through five. Contact Project DART at 412-394-5736.

    Protected Handicapped Students

    In compliance with state and federal law, the Pine-Richland School District will provide to each protected handicapped student without discrimination or cost to the student or family, those related aids, services, or accommodations which are needed to provide equal opportunity to participate in and obtain the benefits of the school program and extracurricular activities to the maximum extent appropriate to the student's abilities. In order to qualify as a protected handicapped student, the child must be of school age with a physical or mental disability which substantially limits or prohibits participation in, or access to, any aspect of the school program.

    These services and protections for protected handicapped students are distinct from those applicable to all eligible or exceptional students enrolled (or seeking enrollment) in special education programs.

    To qualify for services as a Protected Handicapped Student the referred person must be of an age to which public education is offered in his/her school district.

    For further information on the evaluation procedures and provision of services to protected handicapped students and procedures for parent request for a protected handicapped student service agreement, please contact the director of student services at 724-443-7230, ext. 6501.