• Definition of Legal Absences
    The Board considers the following conditions reasonable cause for absence from school:
    • Illness
    • Healthcare
    • Death in family
    • Family educational trips
    • Educational tours & trips
    • Religious holidays
    The following reasons for absence do not count towards the student’s 10 parent excused absences:
    • Medical excuse provided by physician
    • Death in family
    • Educational tours and trips established by the school
    • Religious holidays
    • Court hearings
    Full Day and Partial Day Absences
    Absences shall be treated as unlawful until the district receives a written excuse explaining the absence to be submitted within three days of the absence.  A maximum of 10 days of cumulative lawful absences verified by a parental notification may be permitted during a school year.  All absences beyond 10 cumulative days may require an excuse from a licensed physician.
    A partial day absence will be defined as a tardy or early dismissal during the academic day.  Tardy is defined as arriving at school after the defined daily start time for each building.  Early dismissal is defined as leaving school any time after school begins.  After 10 cumulative partial day absences, parents will be notified via letter sent first class mail.  After 13 partial day absences, a meeting with parents may take place to address the attendance concerns.