• Makeup Work

    Students shall be granted the opportunity to make up work missed as a result of excused absences. However, the responsibility for making up the work lies entirely with the student. Students will be provided the time period equal to the number of days of absences to complete and submit assignments/assessments. If additional time is needed, it is the responsibility of the student to work with his/her teacher(s) to develop a plan for completing and submitting missed assignments/assessments. Assignments not received may be recorded as a failing (F) grade.

    For each day of absence from class judged as unexcused/illegal by the school administration, the student may receive a failing (F) grade for the daily work in that class. Students who have not been granted an excused absence may not be permitted to make up any written work or take any tests or examinations missed during such absences.

    Parents/Guardians shall be notified of unexcused/illegal school-day or class absences.